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Frank Walton, Live in Chicago

Coming This August
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"Live in Chicago"

1 Hipssippi Blues
2 Conseuence
3 Ichi-ban
4 Dorothy
5 Blues Nova
6 Untitled
7 One Mint Julip

RECORDED LIVE AT The International House, University of Chicago, January 24, 2014
Featuring: Avery Sharpe, Bass - Allan Chase saxophone - Kevin Harris, piano - Lance Bryant, Saxophone - Tony "Toca" Carpenter, percussion

Frank Walton, Back Step

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"The Back Step"

1. The Back Step
2. The Move, Pt. 1
3. Old Folks
4. Mamacita
5. The Move, Pt. 2

Featuring: Jaleel Shaw, Lance Bryant, James Williams, Yoron Israel & John Lockwood

Frank Walton, Reality

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1. Safari
2. Spongie Walton
3. Waltz of the Prophets
4. Shorter's Vibes
5. Change of Mode

Featuring: Ari Brown; soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone; Jodie Christian, piano; Ben Montgomery, drums; Rudolph Penson, bass; Henry Threadgill, alto saxophone; Frank Walton, trumpet, flugelhorn

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